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Living in God's Amazing Grace
We Grow in our Faith

As God's people, we seek to learn more by reading the Bible, discussing with each other, and praying together.

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0 - 3 year olds

We LOVE having children in worship!

And we know it can sometimes be a challenge!

We have crayons, clipboards, activity sheets available as you enter the sanctuary. 

Our Joyful Noise worship is engaging for all ages! We have songs with movement, a 
Bible reading & message specifically for our youngest members. And ALL are invited to participate in worship through offering & communion. 

Our nursery is now open during Joyful Noise worship with attendants!

Please fill out a HEALTH FORM  

so we can keep your child safe in our space

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PreK - 6th Grade

After Joyful Noise Worship each Sunday,

children are invited to follow their teacher to a classroom with an interactive lesson that follows the Bible reading they heard in worship.




Service Projects

Please fill out a HEALTH FORM 

so we can keep your child safe in our space.

7th - 12th Grades

We love to connect you to other youth 

AND to grow your leadership.



Come to the Youth Room after Joyful Noise worship each Sunday for Faith 5 Connection. 



Worship Tech

be trained on our system to livestream worship

Graceful Grounds Coffee Shop

create espresso drinks for others while raising funds for our Summer Youth Trip

Please fill out a HEALTH FORM

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7th & 8th Grade Confirmation

At Amazing Grace​ we practice a 2 year Confirmation program during 7th & 8th grade years and the Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation serving) in the fall of a young person's 9th grade year.

During these 2 years of Confirmation we focus our teaching on asking a lot of questions!

We balance times of youth in small groups & family meetings.

We play outside of class time with fellowship meet ups.

We meet other Confirmation youth in the ELCA area churches for retreats and service projects.

And we remember we each are a Child of God, learning alongside each other.

Please fill out a HEALTH FORM

Adult Education

Each week the topics stand alone.

AND they build on each other to provide a well-rounded overview of such a wide topic with a lot of resources!

We hope you'll join! 

ZOOM link available by contacting our office.


Class 1

Final Affairs Recordings

Presented by the Healing & Wholeness Team. This series emphasizes the importance of early, clear communication about our personal wishes and necessary tasks as we age and present tools to organize this information so it is easily available to those who need it. 

Helpful links discussed in our time together:

Class 2

What does our Christian Theology Tell Us About Death?

Guest: Pastor Sandy VanZyl

Why you may choose to plan a funeral in advance

Guest: Debbie Janssen from Janssen Funeral Home

Class 3

Options for completing Advance Directives and provide resources. 

Guest: Kris Green

Class 4

Questions raised in our discussions

Creation Care

We had SO MUCH to discuss in this group!

Here is the collected RESOURCE LIST

Changes made since we began meeting are: 

- having the communion cups changed from plastic to glass!

Thank you to all who helped with this decision and help with the care needed in caring for creation in this way!

- Reusable dishes bought & stored in our kitchen for community meals.

More developments to come as our

team continues to meet!

Creation Care Team
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